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MMA Award for Managerial Excellence (MAME) for the Friend in Need

MMA Management Committee is recognising those individuals and organisations who played a significant role in touching peoples' lives during COVID-19.

Drive-Through Testing

This year's MAME Award will honour those individuals, hospitals and organisations that stood tall despite the tragedies that unravelled due to the pandemic. 

Nomination closes on:

22 July 2021

About Nominations

Nominations for the MAME Award 2021 must be related to COVID-19. Ideally, it must involve people, hospitals and organisations that:

  • Organized efforts towards raising funds for hospitalization, expenses, infrastructure, etc 

  • Enabled logistical coordination of resources for citizens

  • Served citizens in various capacities--from food delivery, arranging transport, networking, etc

  • Deployed innovative treatments in patient care that have kept the mortality low, or served a larger number of them with rapid turnaround etc

  • Contributed to covid care and covid management by demonstrating strong leadership and innovation

You may nominate yourself or any other person or organisation who played a significant role in touching peoples' lives during COVID-19. 
Are you nominating yourself?

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In case of any queries about the nomination, you may write to us by filling up this form or please call Gp Capt R Venkataraman (9444700068) or Mr R Sundar (9840123906).